Science and/or Religion

Professor Steven Weinberg of the University of Texas-Austin

The Inaugural Witherspoon Lecture in Religion and Science

A member of the Physics and Astronomy Departments of the University of Texas—Austin, Professor Steven Weinberg has conducted research in quantum field theory, elementary particle physics, and cosmology. He has been honored with numerous prizes and awards, including the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics and the 1991 National Medal of Science. Professor Weinberg has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences in the United States and the Royal Society of the United Kingdom.

He is the author of 200 scientific articles, one of which is the most frequently cited paper on particle physics of the past 50 years. Professor Weinberg’s books include a three volume textbook The Quantum Theory of Fields (1995, 1996, & 2000); Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics (1987); Discovery of Subatomic Particles (1983); The First Three Minutes (1977); and Gravitation and Cosmology (1972).