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Religious Studies at WashU

As a major source of inspiration and meaning in human societies, Religion creates controversy throughout the world. Fast-moving forces of globalization, migration, and technology bring diverse communities into closer proximity, often creating new religious communities in the process. The Religious Studies Program at Washington University gives students the opportunity to use their study of diverse religions to examine past and current events with an open, critical mind.

Religious Studies covers a wide range of subjects. It can include religion and politics, both domestically and globally; religion and music; unbelief; religion and literature; scriptural studies; and the role of religion in issues like race and climate change. As such, Religious Studies embraces the disciplinary and interdisciplinary complexity of this research. Courses offered by our program are taught by faculty in a variety of disciplines and areas, including The Danforth Center on Religion and Politics; Anthropology; Classics; East Asian Languages and Cultures; English; History; Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies; Music; and Political Science.

A major in Religious Studies will help you understand and appreciate the complex ways in which religious traditions inform human thought and behavior. A double major or a minor will enhance studies ranging from politics and law to business and medicine as you learn how religion informs the behavior of people and societies. So whether you are interested in preparing for the advanced academic study of religion, seeking to complement another area of study, or simply feel the need to acquire a greater knowledge of religions, a major or minor in Religious Studies will prepare you for living and working in a pluralistic society and an increasingly, global culture.

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Study Abroad

Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Study

The tutorial system which is at the heart of Oxford University's educational process entails 20-25 hours of extensive, highly critical reading and research towards the submission of a paper for analysis and discussion. The student will then meet his or her tutor alone, and be examined on the work submitted. This intensive, one-on-one, Socratic approach is both challenging and highly profitable and permits a level of depth and insight incapable of being achieved by other methods of teaching.

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CIEE Program in Ghana

This program offers wonderful opportunities, in the classroom and in the community. Through these mechanisms you will become participants in, and a contributor to, Ghanaian intellectual, cultural, and social life. Get to know life in West Africa by living with a Ghanaian family, volunteering with a local organization, doing an internship, or simply observing day to day life. Directly enroll in a wide range of courses, including West African performing arts, Twi language, African studies, social work, politics, economics, and religion

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Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin offers a wide variety of challenging courses and appeals primarily to those students who are ready for the challenge of adapting to an entirely new academic culture that requires significant independent work.

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Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Hebrew University is Israel’s first and leading university. Filled with historical and holy sites, Jerusalem has many amazing attractions. The city also has theaters, museums, concert halls, restaurants, cafes, and clubs. Many festivals and other special events occur throughout the year.

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University of Cape Town

In Cape Town, every day will be like a choose-your-own-adventure book, with outdoor activities to enjoy, South African residents to meet, and African cultures to learn. Field experience in and around Cape Town is a core component of the program giving you practical exposure to the topics you're learning about at South Africa's leading research university, the University of Cape Town (UCT).

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