Graduation Awards and Recognition

Religious Studies is proud to announce its May 2020 graduating class:

Religious Studies Majors:
Christian Baker
Grace Depperschmidt
Lizzie Franclemont
Gwyneth Henke
David Kauffman

Religious Studies Minors:
Amina Janjua
Jinhee Kim
Adam Lankford
Margaret Lindsay

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our departmental awards:

The Huston Smith Award for Academic Excellence in Religious Studies:
This award is given based on our students’ superb theses and stellar academic records in Religious Studies.
Christian Baker, Cum Laude
Gwyneth Henke, Summa Cum Laude

Theta Alpha Kappa Outstanding Achievement Award:
This honor is based on students work with the Theta Alpha Kappa honorary society and their outstanding academic record in Religious Studies.
Grace Depperschmidt

Distinction in Religious Studies:
This honor is awarded to students with an excellent academic record in Religious Studies.
Lizzie Franclemont
David Kauffman

To learn more about our graduating class, please check out our student profile page.

Also, Prof. Laurie Maffly-Kipp, Director of Religious Studies and Archer Alexander Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, has created a special message of congratulations for our students. Watch it below or click here.


Congratulations, Religious Studies Class of 2020!