New Fall Courses!

Religious Studies is offering 3 new courses for Fall 2018! Check out:

  • L23  308 Global Christianities
    Explore the multiple ways in which Christian traditions are practiced around the world.
    Dr. Elena Kravchenko - MW 2:30-4:00p

  • L23  220 Whose St. Louis? Religion, Race, and Power in the Gateway City
    Discover how St. Louis residents and religious communities have understood the city's racial codes and how they have positioned themselves in relation to movements for social change.
    Dr. Christine Croxall - MW 4:00-5:30p

  • L23  270 Native American Religions and Politics
    Transcend romantic and New Age notions of Native American spirituality and move toward an understanding of American Indian religiosity as tied together with a strong sense of place and a long history of oppression.
    Dr. Dana Lloyd - TTh 11:30a-1:00p